Yesterday, I went to visit the doctor’s office again!  Before, I thought that the doctor was talking about getting a whole new insulin pump, and my week-trial would be with a new insulin pump, but it was actually for a new CGM system.  CGM is stands for Continuous Glucose Monitoring — basically, it is a small device that goes partially under the skin with a small piece of technology (for lack of a better word) above.  The small catheter under the skin takes BG (blood glucose) readings every 5 minutes.  Through this, it is more possible to accurately track patterns in BG and prevent problems in either direction.  This technology will be especially helpful for me because it will help my doctor see my body’s specific patterns.  Also, I can see where by BG is headed: if I get a reading of 105 ^ ^ I would react differently than a reading of 105 > or with an arrow downward.  I can catch highs or lows before they happen.  This will be wonderful, if I am able to get it covered by insurance.  Some people may know that I have already tried something similar to this in the past, but discontinued use—it was NOT user friendly, and that is what my doctor was so adamant about!  I have only had it on since 1:00 pm yesterday, but so far I already like it much more than the previous one.

Here is a site that  explains more about the CGM I am using specifically.


Even with the positive prospects of this new technology, I find myself a little overwhelmed with all of it.  I am still testing and keeping track of everything.  I’m not discouraged.  But I woke up at 56 (LOW!) then I covered as I usually would and it spiked to 388 ^ ^ (which means still rising) about 1.5 hours later, which literally was “explainable” going off of my actions (low-carb breakfast) alone.  It’s days like these that would derail me.  I am not, I will not give up!

I need strength today.

“Be strong and courageous.  Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”

Joshua 1:9 (ESV)

“Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears us up; God is our Salvation.”

Psalm 68:19 (ESV)   

4 thoughts on “**CGM**

  1. Bri- a couple of things….you did not call me I assume it is because you were sand bagging and stocking up for the hurricane :) no really I hope you were in land far enough and safe! Hopefully we can talk soon. A couple comments on your recent posts. How much did you eat after your low? I use to make the mistake and either eat until I felt better or eat a meal and not bolus at all…that equals 300 for me too. Also has anyone mentioned to you that fat content really changes up your sugar? You may be fine right away but like 2 hrs later it spikes. Keep working on it… I promise you will be more and more successful the more you follow the trends. I have a CGM too and that helps you trend things too. Like certain meals or times of day.God bless!

    • You’re right about the first one—hurricane lock-down here on the coast. We personally were untouched, but many neighbors are without power still! We need to talk about how you treat lows and dealing with fat content. I know that I have heard about that before, but I either forget about it or I’m not quite sure how to do it! I’ll call soon!

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