Signed, Sealed, Delivered…

…It’s MINE!

Thank you for all your prayers concerning my acquiring a CGM from Dexcom.  The lovely white FedEx parcel arrived outside my door yesterday; my hot pink fancy-smancy new piece of medical equipment was a little early taste of Christmas.  A few things of note: the Dexcom came at no cost to me, it is a huge step forward in control, and perhaps the most shocking, I am happy to receive it.  Not all that long ago, I was reluctant to entertain even the thought of thinking about diabetes.  seriously.  Today, I am happily reading the manual of Dexcom equipment.  (The funniest part are the pages in between chapters that are white except for the bold letters stating: “Page intentionally left blank.”  Which made me laugh.)

For those of you who truly know how bad it was–my negativity and despair–you know that this development proves a blessed miracle.

Who did that?


Who can take thoughts like that–the slithering kind that circle around your heart and tighten in coils of pain, bitterness, and frustration–and redeem them?

Who stoops to mend our brokenness–yet assures us that instead of filling our cracks with earth, He seeks to shine through our gapes and gashes?

Who can answer the pleading voice: “Restore to me the joy of your Salvation!”? (Ps. 51:12)

GOD.  Our loving Heavenly Father.

I could not, would not be where I am without His daily strength and personal care for me.  He not only pursues me, He overwhelms me with His kindness and grace.

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