5 AM: Fuzzy Head, Fuzzy Thoughts

Okay, so my month+ “Christmas Breaks” are officially over.  My little hiatus was wonderful–a time brimming over with family and friends and a big hug of Christmas festivities.  Despite the few sicknesses I probably acquired at the multiple airport visits, it has been lovely.

But now, there is so much to tell…

About two months ago, I made one of the best “healthy lifestyle” changes that I have ever made.  ever.  It all started when I went to visit the nutritionist and she was less than impressed with my soup-at-dinner-and-lunch-because-I’m-not-hungry diet.  Coupled with my “Ben, do I really HAVE to eat breakfast??” complaint, I wasn’t exactly getting good nutrition.  My day-to-day eating schedule went something like: yogurt for breakfast, no normal lunch because when I got home from school I would usually just sleep or lay down while Ben ate his lunch–I would usually eat soup around 4:00 for lunch.  But by 9:00 pm I was starving and I would eat any sugar, carb, snacky-salty-sweet thing I could find in the house.  I was ravenous at this point–thus, I would ravenously eat.  Of course, resulting in my not being able to fall asleep for hours.. 1 or 2 in the morning.  No wonder I would wake up in the morning cranky and sour-faced.  This process repeated daily.  I think a big reason for some of it is that I could not have dinner with Ben so I wouldn’t eat it and then if I stayed up I could spend time with him–not a horrible reason to do something, but it doesn’t fit the healthy lifestyle I am working to achieve.

Then one day, it hit me…

All of these bad habits would potentially be solved by one simple change.  I’ll be one of the thousands of people to point out that “simple” and “easy”  are farther from being synonymous than “Mt. Everest” and “small.”  The simple change was going to the gym M-F at 5:30 a.m before school: I would be hungry for (healthy!) meals, wouldn’t need a nap, and get in better shape, get better sleep–all good things for a diabetic!

That was the plan anyway…

For those who know my fuzzy-head, fuzzy-thoughts in the morning self, the prospect of rising “at the crack of dawn”–before the sun comes up now, actually, was not only daunting, but seemingly impossible.  I am NOT an early riser.  I LOVE sleep.  (The Bible has things to say about that…) And I didn’t want to commit to something that I could not continue long term, the same fear that accompanies much of the steps I take in my diabetes journey.

But you know what?

That first week of early-rising was phenomenal!  I did have more energy!  I was hungry to eat meals at a normal time!  I was even more refreshed and ready for teaching in the morning because I was actually sleeping at night.  This first week, and the following weeks have been a gift from God.  He gave strength to my stride and resolve to rise.  God strengthened me, and Ben helped to enable me by starting the car when I got out of bed so it would be warm and ice-free for me.  Ben even comes to the gym with me some mornings–so he can teach me all his weight-lifting tricks.  I don’t think I’d ever venture to that section of the gym without my hunky male escort.  (This is a shameless shout-out to my Hus-Ben.  Thank you for helping me!)

I continue to enjoy (wow, did I just say that?)  with my new schedule.  It has been almost 2 months since I started (excluding our trips to Wisconsin and Florida) and I have gone to the gym M-F only missing a few days.  What is this?  Is this a “Yay, Briana turned over a new leaf” situation?  Absolutely not.  I don’t see it that way–I see it as God’s grace.  He has strengthened me–He has even given me friends and a husband that go with me.

I am so thankful.

This is something I NEVER EVER thought I would be doing.

“Oh magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt His name together!”  –Psalm 34:3

Thank you, thank you, Lord, for this gift.


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