On the Road Again!

Hello there, that is, if I have any readers left!  Things have been rather quiet around here recently for a variety of reasons.  It all started when I watched an hour and a half YouTube video on making WordPress blogs way cooler.  Not the exact title, but you get the gist.  Then, about 45 minutes in I had made so many changes that I didn’t even know where anything was and what to do with it!  — and I had a new vocabulary including things like “Widgets” “Embed” “Parent Pages” “Encoded” I knew about as much of this new language as I do of French.  The extent of my French is 6 words.

Anywhoodle, I guess I kinda just gave up on the whole blog thing.  Having every intention of coming back.. no really, I did!  As soon as I could figure out exactly what I was going for here.  Whew.  I think I have a better idea now, and I am so thankful!

I am happy to say that Diabetes did not take a hiatus, (though sometimes, it’d be nice if it would.  Or rather, if I pancreas would come hang out over here for a bit).

I have many things to report.

Stay tuned.

Missed you. 


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