Sci-Fynally a Delish Low-Carb Pizza!

Cauliflower Pizza!


Classy Classic: Pizza & Redbox…

Tonight, it’s a double-feature: Star Trek, and Star Trek: Into the Darkness.   We had a plan: we were going to get a Redbox movie and a shrimp ring.  We love shrimp rings… its an occasional indulgence that isn’t too “carby.”  Not to mention delish!  Tonight, it ended up being super-de-duper expensive!  We walked from the seafood section down from the frozen section to pick up an old standby, Digiorno.  We were so close to just buying it because we just wanted SOMETHING…  reason and wallet protested, and we came home empty handed.

I remembered a pin that I had about making cauliflower pizza crust, and I decided to try it…

Here’s the link, if you’d like to give it a try:

Basically, I followed the directions exactly for the recipe.  Which is very unlike me, but I would not cook the pizza in the initial baking for as long as I did.  I would suggest maybe 12 minutes.  I also LOVED the basil ricotta!

Here’s Ben with his “slice”


Seriously people, we didn’t miss our Digiorno for a second!


Original {Horrible} Idea:  

Whole Digiorino Pizza –  240 carbs

Whole Cauliflower Pizza – 24 carbs

(that’s counting even the carbs in the veggies & sauce on the pizza!)

To make the comparison even more mind-boggling, and waist-whittling…

The entire cauliflower pizza, which almost filled my sheet pan, has less carbs than a slice of Digiorno.

I think the very best part is that I feel great!  And so does my blood sugar!


2 thoughts on “Sci-Fynally a Delish Low-Carb Pizza!

    • Adorable… and LOW CARB! Haha. Thanks so much, Adeline! We really are having a blast on this coast… if you ever need a tour guide on the opposite shoreline… we’d love to see you! Thanks for reading & commenting!! It’s encouraging!

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