Where my Journey Started

Diagnosed at 15 with Type I diabetes, the past 10 years have found me grasping for answers.  I’ve seen many doctors, educators, nutritionists, nurses, etc.  and I have never experienced “control.”  It has seemed as though this word was always floating above me just out of reach–then I realized, through a conversation with one of my older and wiser sisters, that control was just out of reach because I was digging myself into a hole of excuses!  “I can’t take care of it because…”

This blog is a place where I can publicly declare, “I’m all out of (good) excuses!  God has given me diabetes as a gift, and I will accept it by His grace!”

3 thoughts on “Where my Journey Started

  1. This is a beautiful blog! Thanks for visiting mine so that I could find yours! It’s wonderful to see your journey and how God is walking along with you!!

    • Thank you so much. I’m working on a post right now, and it reminds me of how important it is for me to sit down and work through the swirling emotions. I learned a ton looking at your blog! It is so fun to see all the things you’ve been up to! Thank you again!

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