Pretty in Pink

Temptation was swift to follow my declaration to diabetes control.   Last night, I found myself in, of all places, Ace Hardware.  It was “ladies night.”  To raise money for Breast Cancer, “the helpful hardware place” was selling hot pink 5-gallon buckets.  There were pink-shirted-hardware-selling clerks, pink balloons, pink Christmas trees, pink punch–it was like walking into a bottle of Peptobismol.   And there, amid the pink carnations and pink grab bags was a huge-mongous, pretty-in-pink cake.  FREE for the taking.. taunting me with it’s sweetness.  Normally, I would say to myself, “It’s LADIES night!  Eat CAKE!”  Or, “maybe if I just take a small piece–it would really be rude NOT to.”  But I turned the other direction.  Yes sir! I ran straight for the fall decorations and did not look back.  I don’t think I can say accurately enough how much a truly LOVE cake.  Like a fat kid, some would say.  But last night, I decided to remain committed in the face of frosting-covered carbs.  As amorous my feelings for cake may be, my love for God and my desire to stay committed are stronger–by His grace!

Today, I am slightly on edge because I have an appointment with an endocrinologist tomorrow at 3:15.  It will be the first appointment I have had since Ben and I moved to PA.  I know that my blood work will not be great, but I am going to ask for a plan to get on the right track.  I’ll let you know what the game plan is tomorrow.  Meanwhile, pray that I ask the right questions and that I make it through without a complete breakdown.

Commit your way unto the Lord; trust in Him, and He will act.”

 (Psalm 37:4 ESV)