Sci-Fynally a Delish Low-Carb Pizza!

Cauliflower Pizza!


Classy Classic: Pizza & Redbox…

Tonight, it’s a double-feature: Star Trek, and Star Trek: Into the Darkness.   We had a plan: we were going to get a Redbox movie and a shrimp ring.  We love shrimp rings… its an occasional indulgence that isn’t too “carby.”  Not to mention delish!  Tonight, it ended up being super-de-duper expensive!  We walked from the seafood section down from the frozen section to pick up an old standby, Digiorno.  We were so close to just buying it because we just wanted SOMETHING…  reason and wallet protested, and we came home empty handed.

I remembered a pin that I had about making cauliflower pizza crust, and I decided to try it…

Here’s the link, if you’d like to give it a try:

Basically, I followed the directions exactly for the recipe.  Which is very unlike me, but I would not cook the pizza in the initial baking for as long as I did.  I would suggest maybe 12 minutes.  I also LOVED the basil ricotta!

Here’s Ben with his “slice”


Seriously people, we didn’t miss our Digiorno for a second!


Original {Horrible} Idea:  

Whole Digiorino Pizza –  240 carbs

Whole Cauliflower Pizza – 24 carbs

(that’s counting even the carbs in the veggies & sauce on the pizza!)

To make the comparison even more mind-boggling, and waist-whittling…

The entire cauliflower pizza, which almost filled my sheet pan, has less carbs than a slice of Digiorno.

I think the very best part is that I feel great!  And so does my blood sugar!

Bran Muffin Makeover


One of my “roadblocks” on the journey with diabetes is breakfast.

I usually am not hungry in the morning.  That, coupled with the fact that I tend to run around like a crazy person on the way out the door, I tend to forget to eat it… or I just don’t want to!

Instead of planning elaborate morning meals that I would not follow through on, nor would I enjoy, I’ve landed at the conclusion that something non-fussy and fast is the way to go for me!  A friend suggested muffins.  At first, I thought that muffins would be too much carbs, therefore, not a good choice, but with a few modifications, muffins can be a great choice!

(If only those double-chocolate numbers from Whole Foods were a good choice….)

First, I made the traditional “Oven Ready Bran Muffins” from the back of the Hodgeson Mills Wheat Bran box.

With a few modifications….

  • I cut the called for 1 c. brown sugar down to 1/2 c.
  •  I used half Greek Yogurt and Half Ricotta Cheese instead of milk  (I ran out of greek yogi, so I used what  low-carb option I had on hand, ricotta)

After that, I saved 5 out for breakfasts now, and froze the rest to pull out some other lazy, crazy morning!

Tip: As you add ingredients to the bowl, write down their carbohydrate values; once you know how many muffins the recipe yields, you can divide by the total carb count and know the individual carb content of each muffin.

Then, write it on the box of wheat bran so you don’t have to do the calculations again!

 (Along with any changes you made to the recipe!) 

Eliminating half the brown sugar left the muffins needed a little something.  At first, I added honey, which completely defeated the purpose of reducing the brown sugar, plus, it’s very hard to be precise while measuring something so sticky.  Hard to account for the sweet nectar you lick off your fingers… :)

This morning, I knew that I did not want to use honey has I had previously, so I grabbed three fresh raspberries placed them on top of my muffin halves.   No other adornment, and the muffin was delicious.

Original Wheat Bran Muffin with 1T. raspberry preserves: 34 carbohydrates.

Makeover Muffin with Fresh Raspberries: 18 carbohydrates.


With the addition of some plain chai white tea, this reluctant breakfast eater was satisfied, fueled for the day, and reduced carbohydrate intake by almost 50%!