Little Less Conversation…

… a little more action!

That’s right.  In the past 3 months, this blog has seen very little attention from me.  In the case that I have been silent on this blog, one of two fundamentally opposed things are taking place.  Option 1: I have fallen off the wagon into an abyss.  In this abyss, there is lots of cake.  And with my mouth so full of cake, I just can’t find my diabetic voice.  Option 2: I am grabbing that feisty diabetic bull by the horns and can’t be bothered to write about it.

Headed into the “holiday months,” I must confess, I was extremely nervous.  Last year, I was doing well up until those pesky pilgrims came out to share their cornucopias and pie, I fell into more of a rut.  That followed through Christmas and into January.  In February, I was bitterly assaulted by a sinus infection that left me on the couch for weeks.  (The plus side of this: watching the entire first season of Once Upon a Time.)  In March, I had my blood work done, and it was horrible.  I was very discouraged, because I knew that my heart had changed so much regarding diabetes, but it was not showing up in the labs.


I must stop Post-Christmas Blood work from coming!  …But how?

Knowing the tendency to “relax” around the holidays, I determined to make the same choices over Christmas as I had been implementing already.

The bloodwork:  in. 

The results: Fantastic!  

My a1c is finally, for the first time in my whole diabetic existence, in a “normal” range.  For those familiar with the test, my number is 6.7.  I had not even dared to hope that it would be below the 7’s, but God’s gracious gift to me was much better than I anticipated.

Thank you, Jesus!

Lansdale’s Saturday Morning Hot Spot!

After my few hours of fasting last night and this morning, I headed over the the lab, paperwork in hand! When I got there, I realized the whole of Lansdale’s population was also intent on blood work today.  Since I work later today at Freddy Hill, (a delightful little farm / dairy store) I decided to not spend all morning in a waiting room, entertained solely by the rhythm of my grumbly stomach.  (I would have also been entertained by Pride and Prejudice.  I have been reading on the Kindle. But I always get caught up by words like, “thither” and “mischievous” — “felicity”)

I came home to a delicious breakfast and a house that needs cleaning.  My NEW plan is to go Monday morning at 6:30 a.m. Honestly, who’s gonna be there at that time?  I’m banking on the typical dread of Monday mornings to shorten my wait time a considerable amount!   Monday 6:30 a.m. it is!

I am so thankful for the changes that Dr. Jay made to my insulin pump!  Historically, a big roadblock for me has been frequent, unpredictable low blood sugar.  I get started trying to methodically control diabetes and my blood sugar plummets.  In that case, I rummage through the house like a heat-seeking missile in search of any and all sugar!  I feel weak, shaky, annoyed, and ultimately, defeated.  But, with the changes that were made, I have only had a low once since I saw the doctor, and it was easily remedied by some orange juice with my breakfast.  Dr. Jay said that I should be able to not eat and have my blood sugar remain in the right place because of proper pump settings.  He said I was getting way too much from my pump before which confuses meal bolusing (how much insulin you take for the amount of carbs you eat).  I was concerned about the changes, but I now see why only one of us has a two capital-letter abbreviation after our name.  Thanks, Doc!

“The God who made the world and everything in it . . . He Himself gives to all mankind life and breath and everything.”

(Acts 17:24-25)

Thank you, Father, for life!  Teach me to care for it as a sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving to You.