Speak Truth. Do it.

The Journey now has travel tunes! 

This first playlist is a collection of songs that speak truth to my heart.  Time after time, I find myself stomping my foot to the “jam session” of lies in my head.”You must talk to yourself, not listen to yourself!” (The words of http://matthewrolson.com/ during a “Dad Talk” at Northland.)

“Briana, you don’t deserve this!  Briana, you should really freak out because you have no idea what will happen next year!  Hey there, Bri, you need —— to be happy.” 


You know all too well what little whispers echo down to find its resting place within your heart,  Satan is not a one-size fits all kind of person!  He knows exactly what size and color fit you best!  Fight back!  What a formidable weapon a song of truth can be against those lies!


I would like to give a shout out to my friends Paul and Liz over at http://toknowhimtoday.com/  with the inspiration for “Travel Tunes.”  I have been so encouraged by the playlists that they have put together.  Praise the Lord for friends who know how important a communicator music can be.

What is your favorite Truth song??

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